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Lessons learned after 366 thermoablated veins

Laser em cirurgia de varizes

A equipe vascular.pro publicou artico sobre cirurgia de varizes com laser em revista internacional. Abstract: In the last few years, advances in surgical techniques have improved outcomes in varicose veins treatment.  The aim of the current retrospective study is to determine whether the use of laser and different parameters influenced morbidity rates and learning curve for all technology improvements during the period. From 2009 to 2018 we performed 366 vein procedures using endovenous laser technique for varicose veins. During this period, negative outcomes diminished with adoption of new strategies and skills. Laser wavelength, radial fiber, ultrasound guidance, anesthetic intumescence, laser power and energy, and hospital setting were changed during the evaluation period. Laser technology requires many parameters adjustments, there is an understandable steeper learning curve at first. In conclusion, the use of new strategies and improved procedure steps allowed us to achieve a significant improvement in morbidity rates in the group of patients operated using the 1470nm laser and in later quintiles.

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